ULAB 3162 – Section 38

Information regarding this course can be found at https://people.utm.my/hanita/current-semester/

To access the teaching and learning materials  kindly click on the respective links below.

  1. Course outline and name list – https://padlet.com/hanita1/ulab3162_20171802_courseoutline  
  2. Career tests 1- https://people.utm.my/hanita/current-semester/ulab-3162/career-tests/
  3. Career tests 2- https://padlet.com/hanita1/ulab3162_careertest 
  4. Personal write-up – https://padlet.com/hanita1/ulab3162_20171802_persoanlwriteup 
  5. Samples of personal write-up – https://padlet.com/hanita1/ulab3162samplepersonalwriteup 
  6. Tell me about you video – https://padlet.com/hanita1/ulab3162_20171802_tellmevideo

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