COVID 19 Vaccines

Some say if you take the vaccine, you can live the most up to 2 years. Nonetheless, either you take the vaccine or not, you will ultimately DIE. When Allah says it is time for you to die, you will surely die. Death is inevitable.

I have taken the vaccine and what about you?

29 April 2021

I agreed to be vaccinated because it is for my own safety and also others. Insya Allah, the sound intention will definitely be rewarded.

Dr. Hanita Hassan is an associate professor and she is currently the Chair of Language Academy, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, UTM. She teaches Language and Communication Theories, Multimodal Discourse and ELT to postgraduate students. Her research interests include Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), multimodality, language in media, intercultural communication and ELT methodology. Currently, she is involved in two research projects: CEFR and language disabilities.

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