PhD Viva Voce- Omairi Hamid Tarad Lafta

My PhD student, Hamid, successfully defended his thesis on 6 May 2021. He was awarded with an A for his thesis, what an excellent result. His thesis is on Multimodal Representations of Islamic State Organization’s Ideology on Facebook. Well done Hamid!

Special thanks to:

  1. Prof Dr Yeo Kee Jar – Chairperson
  2. Dr Kang Myoung Sook – Assistant Chairperson
  3. PM Dr Normah Mustafa (UKM) – External Examiner
  4. PM Dr Hadina Habil – Internal Examiner
  5. Mr Muhammad Arafat – secretariat

Dr. Hanita Hassan is an associate professor and she is currently the Chair of Language Academy, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, UTM. She teaches Language and Communication Theories, Multimodal Discourse and ELT to postgraduate students. Her research interests include Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), multimodality, language in media, intercultural communication and ELT methodology. Currently, she is involved in two research projects: CEFR and language disabilities.

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