In our daily life we might come across two people, who are at loggerheads, let say A and B.  The third party, C, comes in and shows favours towards B. B feels special whilst A feels dissapointed. But, neither A nor B knows the real intention of C. Without realising B  has become the prey to the cunning C.  The Malay idiom for this is ‘keluar mulut buaya masuk mulut naga’, which has the same meaning with ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’.  By which A is the buaya 🐊 or frying pan 🍳 and C is the naga 🐉 or fire 🔥.

If you were A and could see the real C, would you tell B of the C’s evil intention or would you just keep it to yourself 🤫?

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