Ideas for FRGS

  • communication coping strategy theory – is there such a theory?
  • coping theory – originally from psychology area
  • Human communication theory – hmmm sounds good.
  • Communication coping strategy theory – can it be a combination of human communication and coping theories? I don’t know, need to explore further.
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FRGS Workshop

Things to remember when writing a FRGS proposal

  • Avoid predatory journals in your proposal. It will be rejected right the way.
  • Be modest with the budget
  • Don’t over claim
  • For young researchers, it is good to have a mentor in your group
  • write it clear and make it brief

Potential Title for FRGS

During the question and answer session, got some good tips from PM Dr Nanthakumar Loganathan, and perhaps the potential research is to focus on B40 – golongan miskin bandar.

Thank you PM Dr Nantha for the brilliant idea.

FRGS workshop

How to write a good proposal that can help you secure a research grant?

  • precise and concise
  • Answer questions to why, why and how?
  • Be meticulous on the budget as much as possible
  • Don’t over claim
  • No long winded literature review – highlight the important and significant only
  • Do turnitin to check the similarity especially the executive summary
  • Put up-coming conferences and publications for your research. Don’t give general info.
  • Don’t buy any equipment
  • It should be fundamental and application at the same time