To please Allah or to please …

The answer is very obvious

Rasulullah P.B.U.H said, “He who displeased Allah for seeking the pleasure of people, Allah is displeased with him and those people are also displeased, for pleasing whom he had earned Allah’s displeasure. And he who pleases Allah, although by it he displeased people, Allah is pleased with him, and also those people whom he had displeased for pleasing Allah become pleased with him. Allah makes him splendid and his speech and acts in the eyes of others beautiful.” [Tabarani]

To please those who are not pleased

My goodness. This task is not easy for leaders. The saying ‘you cannot please everyone’ is true. You might be able to please one person, but others might not be happy with you. Nonetheless, as leaders you cannot ignore them. More importantly, leaders must possess effective communication skills to comfort the unhappy ones. All the best.

Paul J. Meyer

Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success – Paul J. Meyer

The greater the storm. The brighter you rainbow

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