Surah Al-An’aam – سورة الأنعام


˹Consider˺ the Day He will gather them ˹all˺ together and say, “O assembly of jinn! You misled humans in great numbers.” And their human associates will say, “Our Lord! We benefited from each other’s company, but now we have reached the term which You appointed for us.” ˹Then˺ He will say, “The Fire is your home, yours to stay in forever, except whoever Allah wills to spare.” Surely your Lord is All-Wise, All-Knowing. 

Reading Marathon

For 3 days I was reading my students’ proposals and thesis drafts non stop. The task was really laborious and made me feel so exhausted. Since there were different topics and areas, I had to shift my mind from one to another drastically.

  1. factors for international students to study in higher institutions in China
  2. multimodal analysis of violence in cartoons
  3. ideologies of an organisation portrayed on Facebook wall
  4. representation of bank images by means of visual and textual elements on bank websites
  5. Intercultural Communication Competence among students of English Language Studies
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Engaging with students

How do you engage students through online lessons? 8 new ideas for engaging online students.

  1. Train instructors in online learning
  2. Give students a sense of ownership and control
  3. lan for delivery diversity
  4. Be a storyteller
  5. Regularly update course content
  6. Assign success coaches
  7. Encourage accountability
  8. Help students nurture intrinsic motivation

You can visit the page which has very useful information for engaging students online.