Should we stay away from negative people? NO, keep them around.

Many motivators will tell us to stay away from negative people. I would agree with them. Negative people will drag you down with them. But, giving the second thought, I believe we need negative people around us to keep us moving and getting better.

Whenever I want to do something, I would always have the negative people in my mind. I would imagine what would they say, their criticisms and their disapproval. Those will lead me to take precaution steps, to minimise the loopholes. Nevertheless, unlike negative people, positive people know the limit of their ability and they believe there is still room for improvement. They are not afraid of making mistakes as Jack Ma said, we learn from mistakes and learn from other people’s mistakes. The most important thing is how we progress in our life and keep in mind that perfection is beyond the reach of humankind (Albus Dumbledore – Harry Potter).

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