Being Positive

Work Hard Play Positive

# Optimistic

# Encouraging

# Servant Leader

# Heart for others

# Admit imperfections

# Always give 100%

# Put TEAM first

Quote on Positive Thinking

Keep your thoughts positive

Because your thoughts become your words.

Keep your words positive

Because your words become your behaviour.

Keep your behaviour positive

Because your behaviour becomes your habits.

Keep your habits positive

Because your habits become your values.

Keep your values positive

Because your values become your DESTINY.

-Mahatma Gandhi-

Paparich vs Papakedana – Effects of COVID 19

This is very intriguing when people comparing paparich to papakedana (in Malay it means very poor).

Paparich otw tutup semua outlet dengan menanggung hutang 37 juta ringgi akibat COVID 19.

Manage ur financial wisely guys.

Sedangkan paparich boleh tersungkur inikan kita papakedana

It states that paparich is closing all its outlets throughout Malaysia. Even papaRICH can be affected by the COVID 19 with debt of RM37M, what’s more with us, who are papakedana (very poor people). Rich is the opposite of papakedana.