Quote of the day

Always have a unique character like SALT,

Its presence is not felt but its ABSENCE make everything TASTELESS.

If it is too much, it will be too salty and not good for your health.

Persuasion Skills

There are 6 essential persuasion skills for leaders, and the skills are

  1. Understanding and navigating organizational politics:  Leaders adjust to the reality of corporate politics and are sensitive to how the organization functions.
  2. Creating visibility: To create new opportunities, effective leaders stand out and get noticed by others while staying authentic. They are careful to allow their team members to shine while not over-promoting themselves.
  3. Building and maintaining personal trustworthiness:  Leaders must show integrity and be widely trusted.
  4. Leveraging networks: Networking allows leaders to generate new experiences, develop persuasion skills, and to tap into the skills and vision of others.
  5. Clear communication: Writing and speaking clearly and briefly and applying a variety of communication styles helps leaders to get the message across and to ensure the right impact.
  6. Motivating others: Leaders understand the needs, styles, and motivators of others.

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