Taubah Verses 128-129


The benefits of these two verses:

  • If you want someone to re-pay/ pay back your money; you have to recite the Ayat No128 & 129 two verses of Surah Taubah after every prayer. You can recite verses throughout the day as well.
  • If you are facing your job issues, you have to recite these two verses of Sura Taubah as much as you can throughout the day. For this wazifa you have to recite Durood Sharif at the end and start and at intervals as well.
  • If you are facing mountains of difficulties this Surah, It would be very helpful for you, but you have to recite it with complete concentration and full faith.
  • Its last two verses of Sura Taubah are also for the cure of any disease. For this purpose you have to recite it as much time as you can.

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